Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just call me Chloe Dao

You know, from Project Runway?

If we are being strictly honest, I should admit that I didn't know who Chloe Dao was until I googled project runway. Some of you probably did, though. She was a winner on project runway's season 2.

It's been said of Chloe:

Chloe Dao is the kind of fashion designer that women can really get behind,
because she “gets” what makes women look great, and she offers her designs at
prices that they can actually afford. Dao is one of those success stories that
inspires much more admiration than jealousy, because it is clear that she not
only has the necessary talent and skill, but also the work ethic it takes to
succeed in a cutthroat industry with great aplomb and class

Now, I guess I haven't exactly made any article of clothing as of date--unless you count bibs as clothing, which I don't. I have made a lot of other things though.

My first project was bibs, followed by two rag quilts. Then I decided to make a decorative pillow. I missed the day where the girls all made totes so I called up my visiting teacher and asked for a tutorial so I'd be all caught up for my next sewing lesson on Thursday.

Thursday is the day I make my first article of clothing, a skirt.

Step over Chloe Dao, make way for Adrianne Richards!


Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Haha, You are awesome. Now when I come visit you in Colorado when you move, we can trade talents! I can teach you some headbands and crafts and you can teach me to sew. I love all your projects!

Pitcher Family said...

I always knew you were amazing, just look at your cakes!! Now you prove it again! I just might give that blanket a try some day. So adorable.

Michelle said...

Your projects are fabulous, please be sure to keep on sharing them!

I think by the time one of my children gets married you could make all the dresses for all the women! I'm sure you will be great at sewing by that time, hoping that it's at least 5 years before any of them think of marriage.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Whoah, Michelle, that's crazy to think you could have a married kid in five years. When did that happen? That would be pretty cool if I could be that good in five years. I'm not sure though. I start learning something and then start something else and haven't really gotten good at anything yet.