Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Well, it's been a yucky month for me. Sometimes I'm a pretty normal hormonal woman, with the appropriate hormones at the appropriate time. Then other times, something happens and whoa, crazy lady comes out. I guess it hasn't been that bad. But, some unfortunate things have happened this month and one thing adds to another and then you add in some crazier than normal hormones and it makes for a not so nice month for me (or those that live with me).

But, you all don't want to read about my hormones.

Mainly, I'm just feeling a need for a break. I'm feeling kind of selfish, I'll admit it. Mike is studying like a crazy man and hasn't been home a lot. I am not complaining because I've heard stories of husbands not coming home until 4 AM because they are studying. That's insane people. How does someone think they will get anything out of a textbook at 4 AM? We've had nothing like that in our house. But, you add those hormones previously mentioned and some long days on top and it makes me a little resentful.

Tonight Mike is getting inducted into an Honor Society. He has to make some secret oath tonight and for some reason that makes me giggle every time I think about it. We have to get dressed kind of nice tonight and attend a dinner. A girl Mike works with keeps telling him she is so excited to meet me--she wants to know how I could be happy being a stay-at-home mom. Does Mike really make me stay in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant? She told Mike she hopes I won't mind being asked 100 questions about my life. Like I'm an alien or something...

Well, this month probably isn't a great time to be asked how I love being a stay-at-home mother. I'm thinking I'll rub dirt all over my face and rat my hair and wear mismatched clothes before I walk into the banquet hall so I can look like I feel and then her assumptions of stay-at-home mothers will be correct before she even asks any questions.

Well, I'm going to tell her that there is a time and a season for everything. I was lucky enough to graduate from college and then lucky enough to work for awhile before children entered our home. Now I'm a mother. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and unappreciated. Sometimes I want to switch with Mike for a day. But all in all, I like my current job. I know I'm where I should be and I'm honored to be a woman and a mother.

Anyway, a break is coming soon (I'll post on that later).

Here are some pictures of our last few weeks.
My friend Alicia had a birthday yesterday so I made her a cake. It's not exactly what I had envisioned but I think it's still cute.

I have a friend with three little girls and my boys just love playing with them. We went over on Memorial Day (both our husbands were working) and played in the water and had Popsicles. Later, some other friends invited us for a BBQ that night.
I'm trying to keep up on my drawing because to finish my goal of thirty pictures I need to do about two a month and I'm already behind. Will was kind enough to be my model.
The sun has been shining for the last week and so we've been playing outside a lot. After taking this picture I noticed that every single boy has a very prominent spine showing--I DO feed my children! They had just run in the sprinkler and then decided to sit with their wet bodies in the sand. They were such a mess when they came inside.
Post edit:
I re-read this and feel it's not really accurate. I haven't been hormonal all month, just a week or so of the month.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, and Josh said...

Thank you so much for coming over last minute to play with us. Our conversation about this very topic and this post has helped me more than you know. You are a wonderful mom and friend. Thanks.

Michelle said...

The cake is darling. I think you are a great mom.

Megan said...

Tell that chick this is how you roll...

I'm sure you've seen this!

Have fun tonight! :)

Jess and Jen said...

Life can be hard as a mom! My kids' spines look the same way. According to the pictures, it looks like you guys have been having fun! The cake as super cute! -Jen

Saimi said...

Sunshine, pool, water and sand! I am so jelous! We are still having rain mixed with sunshine...Ahhh, I want sun!!!

The cake is amazing, what a lucky girl to have a friend like you!

I hope you attend the dinner looking hot and beautiful so your husbands friend can see that stay at home moms are just the opposite of the stereotypical housewife!

Being a little hormonal might just be the edge you'll need. Beautiful and sassy!!

Jed and Kera said...

Adrianne! I love you to pieces and you know I know the hormonal thing. :O) We need to get together after my family leaves!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Krisit, we are so glad you invited us. We had a great time. You have no idea how much I admire how good of a mom you continue to be even when you never see your husband or get a break.

Michelle, thank you!!

Megan, I LOVED that video. What a funny clip.

Jen, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with skinny, skinny kids. As long as they are healthy and happy it doesn't matter right?

Saimi, she ended up not coming. I guess her dog is in the doggie hospital or something. But, she still wants to have dinner sometime so she can quiz me. It's weird to me. Hasn't she ever met a stay at home mom before? But, I'm always happy to make new friends.

Kera, give me a call when your company leaves and we'll have fun!

Jess and Jason said...

Sometimes I wish that all the hormones and stuff would just go away, but then I know there would be all kinds of other problems...
I would love to see pictures of you and Mike all dressed up for the Honor Society Dinner.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hahaha! I would have loved to have been there for your conversation. Although it is hard to sing the praises of being a SAHM when your having a hard month.

And LOVE the cake! You need to teach me!

And love the pictures. They're awesome!