Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a day

I was in the living room with the boys tonight when I heard a popping noise and looked up to see sparks flying in my kitchen.

I ran into the kitchen to see what was happening (which on second thought probably wasn't very safe--I should run away from the fire, not towards). There was no fire, thankfully, but my crockpot saw it's last day. Somehow the cord got stuck between the heating element of the crockpot and the dish and the cord burnt in half. We are so lucky nothing caught on fire especially since we had a hand towel lying on top of the dish.

My letter to the crockpot:

It's been nice working with you Mr. Crockpot. I wish you could have died on another day, maybe one where I wasn't already having a bad day, but I'm glad you waited until our food was done cooking. We might have a moment of silence tomorrow when we eat it in your behalf. I wouldn't count on it though because it's pretty hard to have a moment of silence in this house what with the three boys and all. Also, thank you for not burning our house down


An annoyed, but thankful Adrianne

In other news, Will needs us to find a nice house in Colorado that has a yard. The picture is difficult to decipher but that is a sandwich baggie with a wet napkin and apple seeds. I can't begin to tell you how many similar baggies I've found this year. They are usually found near the sliding glass door or on window sills. This one is in our kitchen. Will eats his apples and then decides to grow apple trees. I've tried to explain that we can't grow trees here and he argues that Eli just ripped their sunflower plants out of the pot so now we can replace them with his apple seeds. Mike promised him tonight that if we find a house with a yard in Colorado he can plant a fruit tree.

I'm pretty amazed that Will can grow these plants so well. The one in the picture is just thriving in it's little baggie and I'm so sad to see it's life end soon. Will is so excited every day to see the seed sprout.

So, while some things are dying (Mr. Crockpot) other things are taking on new life (like Will's green thumb).


Jed and Kera said...

Sorry about your crock pot! I recommend you getting one like the one my grandma got me for my birthday this year. I will tell you about it!
Also, how can Will have a green thumb and I have double brown thumbs?? not fair.

Jess and Jen said...

Oh, I'm sorry that your bad day didn't get better! The cord of our old crock pot was too close to a burner one day. It didn't burn through much of it, but it made me too nervous to use again! -Jen

Debbie Barr said...

That's too bad about the crockpot, but I think it's cute your little guy likes growing things. I loved growing plants on my windowsill when I was younger, seeing them sprout was always the best part.

Saimi said...

Easy come...Easy grow!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, and Josh said...

to will from liezl: I will be sad when you have to move, but at least you can have a tree there.
to adrianne from kristi: I agree with liezl, it will be a sad day when you have to go. I hope you will be able to find that house with a big yard - what a fun dream to look forward to.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your crockpot. So glad you didn't get hurt, or burn your kitchen down. By the way, I have two crock pots, one small and one larger and I am getting rid of one, so if you want it you can have it when you get here. What day are you getting here again?

Growing things is fun. Caleb grew a watermelon plant in our kitchen once, when it was super huge we transplanted it outside.

Lisa said...

That's too bad about the crockpot! Luckily they're not too hard to come by. I laughed about Will planting seeds because Heidi does the same exact thing. I hope he gets his yard in Colorado.

Rachael said...

Oh man! Scary!
I had an appliance incident the other day as well.
Hyrum cooked a microwave dinner a little too long and I came in to smoke everywhere!
The microwave had probably sparked a bit before it turned off, and I'm glad no one was in the room.
I had told him what buttons to push but he messed up, and I'm glad it didn't end in setting our kitchen on fire!
It's crazy how we seem to experience similar things at the same times. I think we were really meant to be friends!