Monday, April 26, 2010

Where would we live?

if you guys could leave the Air Force tomorrow and Mike would have a job wherever you chose to live where would it be?

Any of the above houses will do, really.

But, I guess you aren't really asking what house I'd live in, you were asking where I'd live. Initially, we would both probably say Utah because most of my family is still there and it is probably where I would claim as home. The thing is though, the longer we live away from Utah the less it feels like home. My family lives in Elk Ridge, Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake. Of those, Provo is where I would most consider my home--I lived there longer than anywhere else. When I lived in Provo I was in college and then later newly married. Provo was a really good place for me to be.

Would we move back? Probably someday we will move back to Utah and we hope all my family isn't gone by then.

Until then, we are really happy being together as a little family, growing on our own. We miss our families a lot but we have so far been happy every where we lived. We both know that it isn't the house, the ward, the state, etc., that creates happiness (even though they all help). I'm pretty sure we could be happy anywhere we end up.


Jess and Jen said...

I vote for West Jordan...I'm sure you'd be totally happy living so close to us! -Jen

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you're saying. We get asked that often and I just don't know where we would go! We're both from Arizona and still have some family there, but really we're spread out all over the place. As Pumba says, "Home is where your rump rests"

Saimi said...

It truly is all about family. Although, I've enjoyed living in the same town as my in laws and about four hours from my parents.

It's been good for the kids.

Now that I'm getting up in the grandparent era I'd be happy if my kids chose to stick around...But I'm ok with traveling if thats what it takes!!

The Duke said...

I vote for Utah. How many times can I vote????!!!

Lilola said...

We have a child on each coast, but grandchildren on only one. If I could, I would live near them, but visit the other child at least twice a year. If he could stand it! LOL We have no close family still in this area, no reason to stay, except it's where we've always been.

Loft-in-Paradise said...

I feel the same way. Most of Chris and my conversations with other people start out "So where are you moving?" I don't know but I would take any of those houses that you posted if you are willing to share :)!
You can always come back to OKC...where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!!

Michelle said...

I like that 2nd to last house best, but it's because I really like having a garage on the side of the house, not being the main focus of the house. I don't like when the garage is in the front of the house and sticks out and then seems to take over the house. Anyway, just my opinion on houses. If you lived in Iowa then we could take care of your boys, they'd love it over here, I think. They are such well behaved boys that it would be so great to have them around a lot more often. I always vote for being around the most family if I had a choice, but I've never really had that choice. I would live in Utah, only because there are at least 4 Clark relatives there.