Saturday, April 17, 2010

From beginning to end, he had a great birthday!

It was such a nice day that the boys got to have a picnic outside--hotdogs and chips (Eli's favorite). Then, because it was in the low 80's the boys wanted to try out the slip-n-slide Will got for his birthday. They loved it and played in the water for a long time. Eli was not happy when it was time to come in and take a nap.

Eli loved his rocket ship from Grandma and Grandpa Richards but he hasn't had much playing action because his brothers have been hogging it.

He knew exactly what he wanted on his cake--a train. It was not a good experience for me. I did learn some good lessons for next time so hopefully I won't ever have such a bad experience with a cake again, though, I'm sure there will be many more bad cakes. Eli was very pleased with it, and that is all that matters.

Grandma and Grandpa Clark called to wish him a happy birthday and they sang to him. He was so happy, as seen from the picture. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Clark, Katy and Ammon. It was the perfect ending to his day.

We love our little Eli!


Jess and Jason said...

Happy Birthday Eli. You look great in your pictures.

Jess and Jen said...

What a fun day! I'm glad the boys finally got to play with the slip n slide. What a fun thing to do on a birthday! I love watching kids play outside on a warm makes me happy because it seems exactly what kids should be doing!

Happy Birthday Eli!

Dave and Tana said...

Looked like a fun day! Nothing like the warmth to make the day fun and exciting!

Loft-in-Paradise said...

What do you mean you throw 'lame birthdays'? I remember eating Twinkie sharks with doughnut covered life-savers for days after a nice little party! Shhh, don't tell my kids that you make your cakes. We're all jealous :)
Wish we were there to celebrate with you little man!

Cali said...

He's so cute! I love, love, love his red hair. I'm so glad that he had a fun birthday. Your cake looks great! I should have called you before attempting Aidon's cake. I'll make sure to do that next time...