Monday, March 01, 2010

I have all the answers

I will answer a good portion of the questions in this post. Four of them I will have to answer separately as they take more time to give an answer. So first up:

Who knows of a good bbq sauce and a good jam that doesn't use high fructose corn syrup? A few commentors have suggested you look at Trader Joe's. Utah doesn't have a Trader Joe's and you'd have to go to New Mexico to find the closest one. So, I did a google search. Apparently, Kraft has a Bullseye BBQ sauce available so you could search out their brand. But, it looks like most recommendations are to go to a Whole Foods store or make your own. Good luck finding some and let me know how it tastes!

how do you feel about watching my kiddos while I vacation on the beach in San Coronado Island May 4-7th??? I would love to watch your kids for you. Give me the details and we can work it out. We'll have a PARRTAY so don't you feel sorry for me while you are soaking up the sun on the island.

When are you coming to Utah? I'm not sure when I will be in Utah but it probably will not be before the end of June. I was secretly hoping we could come out this month when Mike has a break from school but that isn't going to happen. Very good suggestion for the name by the and your lawyer lingo....

If you ever had another child and it was a girl, what would be your favorite names? Are you expecting me to have a baby some time soon? We decided on girl names long before we ever decided on boy names but we haven't really discussed girl names in oh, maybe five years because we can't seem to make any girls (which is fine by me so far). Here is the original list and if we have another baby, and it's a girl, we will dust off this list and see if we still like them:

Harley (It means glorious in Norweigan but I'm afraid people will think we have a thing for the motorcycle)
Lila (we already have a Layla and a Mikalya in the family so Lila might be a little much)
Samantha (everyone will think she's named after my ex-boyfriend--not true!)

There were a few others but I can't remember them. Also, do I give them middle names? My middle name is my maiden name and I kind of like getting to keep my maiden name. Plus, it's hard enough to think of one name, let alone two.

Well, there you go--some answers. This was fun! These were great questions and I'm excited to answer the other four so stay tuned.


hondo3777 said...

Chef Hymie Grande ( ) is the first and only bottled BBQ sauce to carry the seal of the American Diabetes Association on the label. It has no high fructose corn syrup, no processed sugar, it is all natural and vegan friendly. It is produced by Jamie Failtelson, a.k.a. Chef Hymie Grande of Carlstadt, NJ. 5% of proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

Team Clark said...

Ooh - Adam is on a trip in San Mateo, California right now and he said he's across the street from a trader joe's. I'll have to see if he's willing to get some bbq sauce and jam for me! :)
And thank you to hondo3777 for the chef hymie grande suggestion!
Are you really coming out here in June? That would be so fun to see you!

chelsey said...

Amy, if you're looking for a cheap jam that doesn't have high fructose in it, we use Welch's Reduced Sugar grape jelly. I didn't see any high fructose corn syrup in it. It comes in a squeezable bottle. My kids can't tell the difference in taste and actually like the less sugar version better. It's about $2.25 a bottle at Smiths, probably cheaper at Wal Mart.

politicchic6 said...

I am a little concerned that you had an ex boyfriend named Samantha.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Michelle S., you make me laugh and laugh. Thank you.