Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three things

Here I am writing a post when it is much too late to be writing posts. I sometimes go through cycles where I want to write things and I have something to say and then other times I just can't find anything to say at all. I just haven't felt inspired by anything lately. Here's my list of three things that are on my mind tonight and then I need to go to sleep.

1. I think Isaac has a concussion. He fell off the bunk bed (after I told him to get in his own bed). It was pretty scary. He couldn't walk or put his weight on his feet. We gave him a drink and I thought he was going to throw up and he just wouldn't stay awake. We opted to watch him for awhile before we take him to the ER. Hopefully we won't need to. He fell off the counter in the summer (like two days after he went to the ER for swallowing that giant spring) and we took him in and nothing was wrong. This time was much worse though. I hope we aren't making the wrong decision. Every major fall like this freaks me out that my kids are going to start having seizures. At least if he does, I've documented it and will know exactly when the accident happened that contributed to it.

2. I need Mike to take me here very soon.

3. One final thing, I am missing Oklahoma a lot lately. I have been here almost a year and I still feel new and uncomfortable. I don't feel like our house is really a great fit for me and our neighborhood, while not unfriendly, is far from welcoming. If I remember correctly, it took a long time for me to feel like I fit in Oklahoma as well. The difference is that this ward is so much bigger and we are not needed like we were needed in Oklahoma. I felt like we were mostly all away from family and there were so few of us that we all kind of banded together, whether we wanted to or not. I miss my friends and I miss my neighbors who opened their arms to us and treated us like their children. I miss my flower garden and my backyard. I miss the zoo. I miss the Primary. I miss the sun.


Frances said...

I was thinking about this the other day too. We've been here almost a year and I still don't feel totally comfortable and I don't have a close friend.

Just know that I felt that way a long time in Dayton too; for at least a year. But I really came to love it. Ohio is my Oklahoma. I miss so much from there. You'll get there, I promise. I'm telling this to myself too. :)

Cedar Fort said...

Oh man thats scary about Isaac falling. I hope he is ok. I will have to call you on my lunch break to see what happened.

I miss the sun too... I want to go on a vacation/cruise so bad. I would love to spend our tax return money on it... but that isn't going to happen :)

Carolina said...

Adrianne, you will find your place in your new home. You always were adaptable and friendly--I've never known you to pass up an opportunity for a new friend. I have no doubt that you will grow to love Ohio, and that it will grow (if it hasn't already) to love you, too. In fact, I bet you are more integrated into your community after one year than I am after 3!

The Duke said...

I can't even tell you how my heart hurt when I heard about Isaac. I'm so glad he is ok!!
We all need some sun -- unfortunately, more snow is on the way coming from Utah. Summer will come. Really.

Team Clark said...

Adrianne! Is Isaac okay? That's so scary! I hope he's okay.
And I'm sorry you're not feeling at home yet. That's the worst feeling when you move somewhere new and all you want to do is just go home, where you are happy and comfortable. I hope that gets better soon for you.
You're great. Keep smiling!

Mandi said...

Oddly enough, that beach looks a lot like the one we just got back from. We're ready for your visit at any time. (p.s. it's sunny down under, in case you needed that extra push). We'd love to have you.

Mike said...

Frances, You have no idea how much I wish you and Brook still lived here.

Gilly, wouldn't a sibling cruise be fun? We could all bring our spouses (but no kids) and go on a cruise.

Carolina, Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. It makes me miss all our fun roommate days together.

Mom, thanks for praying for him. I'm sorry we worried you so much.

Amy, Isaac is ok. It was scary when it happened (mainly because he couldn't walk) but then in the morning he was fine. Then a few hours after he woke up he kept falling and hitting into things and complaining that his head hurt. I called the doctor and they sent us to the ER just to be safe. He was fine.

Mandi, I finally figured out how to read your blog so now I have a lot of catching up to do. I would love to come visit! I just have to convince Mike.