Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Andy and Laura's


Team Clark said...

Adrianne, Isaac is a cutie. He looks a lot like Will, yet seems to have something different - do you think he has more Clark in him and Will has more Richards?
By the way, Henry is small, too. He has his 1 year check up today and he weighs only 18.2 pounds and is in the 2% for weight! I just can't wait for him to turn around in his car seat and I think that might take a long, long time...
Your hair is cute, too - are you growing it out?

Mike and Adrianne said...

Amy!!! I miss you. My hair getting long. Mike wants to see it long so I have been growing it out until the layers are longer and then I will style it. It's a pain.

With Will, he would scream in the car when he couldn't see us so we just bought a front facing seat at one year. He was only 17lbs but it has been so, so nice to have him enjoy the car now. I do think Isaac has more Clark than Richards. They look a lot alike but Isaac has my nose and chin and he is lighter than Will does. His hair is a lot more red then Will's. How are you by the way?