Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well-baby check-ups

Today I took both boys in for their well-baby check-ups. Both had to get shots so I was a little anxious but so far they are doing ok (the Tylonol kicked in).

Here is the current weight and length of my boys:

Isaac: 9lbs 12oz, 10th percentile
22 1/2 in, also 10th percentile

William: 24lbs, 25th percentile
31 1/2 in, also 25th percentile

I have very small boys I guess. They both seem awfully big to me...Both boys are doing well developmentally. Will is using lots of words and is so smart! He is in nursery now and loves to play with all the kids. It is really fun to see him actually play with people and things. Will has been squinting a lot so the doctor wants us to get his eyes checked out. Isaac is smiling now. He is learning to use his voice and makes cute little sounds. He doesn't sleep much at all in the day. In fact, staying awake for 6 hours at a time isn't unusual for him. It makes the day a bit difficult to get anything done with both boys but it isn't really that new since Will did the same thing. He sleeps great at night! That's the update on the boys. It is always fun to take them in and see how they are growing.


Jess and Jason said...

So, as your hold your baby...just keep this in mind...Austin was 9lbs 5oz when he was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I am very slow in commenting on this entry. But I am impressed to think how wonderful those boys are. Mom sure loved little Isaac. And Willy is a gas. We love him so much.
Just think, baby Eva was almost as much at birth as Isaac was at this check-up. Wow. That would hurt!

Dad Clark