Monday, September 11, 2006

Mike's dream come true

Mike has talked about getting a piano for a long, long time. This week he went to help one of his home teaching families change a garage into a bedroom. There was a piano in the driveway and he asked what it was doing there. The mom said they were getting rid of it. Mike asked if he could have it and they said yes! It was supposed to rain this week so he was nervous it would get rained on before he got a trailer to transfer it to our house but luckily, the rain came a few hours after it got to our house. It is a very old piano and is very out of tune. Mike spent most of Saturday trying to clean it. It is like a kid at Christmas! I'm very happy to have the piano as well but don't know how to play so maybe this will give me an incentive to learn.


Jess and Jen said...

Sweet piano! I'm guessing Mike has removed the front boards in his cleaning efforts, right?

My old (!) piano needs a good tuning, but we sure enjoy having it in the home. I play a number of times a week. It's nice to be able to play whenever I want, assuming the girls aren't asleep.


The Clark Family said...

Oh my gosh!! This is awesome!! Congratulations to you for this great treasure! This will be a great blessing to all of your family for years to come.
I'm so excited for you (especially Mike)!!

Pitcher Family said...

That's so exciting! That will be a great project and so nice to have a piano for the kids to play on. My kids all love the piano... but only get to play it at church or the grandparents. You lucky dogs!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

We sang our first song on the piano last night for FHE. It was so much fun and I am trying to teach myself how to play. We love it.