Monday, September 11, 2006

A blessing for Isaac and a blessing for Mike

Mike got ordained as a High Priest yesterday and set apart as the second councilor in the Bishopbric. His mom and dad were here for his ordination and his dad was able to ordain him. It meant a lot to Mike to have them come.

Mike also blessed Isaac yesterday. It was a beautiful blessing. He blessed Isaac to stay strong in the spirit of Heavenly Father and to become accustomed to listening to the promptings of the spirit. He blessed him with a sound understanding of the gospel so he would be able to teach and bear testimony of the Gospel. He blessed him to be kind and forgiving and to be a help in our home. He was blessed to be an example to family and friends as well as blessed to be a help to them. He also blessed him to serve many people through the Priesthood and to help people through their struggles. He blessed him to learn easily in school and his professional life.

It was a very nice day and I'm grateful that both Mike and Isaac were given such beautiful blessing.


Tim, Katie, and Marcus said...

What a wonderful blessing, Adrianne. It looks like you guys are doing really well.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Thanks Katie. We are doing well. I always like to write down the blessing and then print it out and put it in the scrapbook. How are you guys doing?

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

This whole thing is really wonderful. I am sure glad that your parents, Mike, were able to be there. I assume your dad ordained you, is that right?

I wish Chris and I could have been there. We wish you the best and pray each day for you both and for your wonderful boys. There are certainly many heavenly hosts looking in on such an event as last Sunday. Just keep praying, trying, serving, and loving. You will reap peace and much spiritual growth along the way. What a fun journey it will be for you wonderful parents. God bless you!

Dad Clark