Monday, August 21, 2006

New Calling

Mike got a new calling yesterday. He came home from church and told me that the Stake President wanted to see us. I gave him this look like, "What did you do to us this time?" He said, "I think he just wants to get to know different people in the ward." Right. We got there and he was just visiting and then he asked me to bear my testimony and I knew something was very wrong if he was asking me to bear my testimony. Then he asked me to go out of the room and he had Mike bear his. He told Mike, "I just wanted to make sure you had a testimony before we ordained you to High Priest." Then he brought me back in and gave him the calling of second councilor in the Bishopbric. I started crying and I am sure they thought I was over come by the spirit but really I was thinking, "Dang you Mike, why do you have to be so good?" I was very worried about having to take care of both kids now instead of one. How am I going to teach my CTR class with Isaac needing to be fed and no Mike to take him during Sunday School? This ward needs a lot more help than our BYU ward so I will never see him. Anyway, all very selfish reasons. I am confident that Heavenly Father is aware of our little family and will help me take care of our boys. I am so grateful that Mike is such a good man and willing to serve.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I would like to have heard those testimonies, but I can feel them. I am please that the Lord trust you both with wonderful callings and opportunities to serve. Not the least of which is to love and help those kids even as they do their best to destroy you sometimes. We will pray for you both as we do for others in the family in a personal way. Thanks again for being who you are.

Hap Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Looks like I should read what I write before I post. I got my teeth fixed but now my fingers won't work.

Dad Clark

Tim, Katie, and Marcus said...

I can't help but remember our phone conversation a few months ago. We were talking about our wards and how different they are from good old 93rd. I told you this before, but I'll mention it again because it seems appropriate. Do you remember how Bishop Ogden always used to tell us how we were being trained in this ward so that we could go out and help the other wards? Mike and you are being given a wonderful opportunity to do just that. You will be such a blessing to your ward and you will be blessed for your sacrifices. Don't worry about sitting with the kids while Mike is on the stand, there will always be someone willing to help. And if you need to nurse during Primary just pull out a blanket. The kids are still so young and they've probably seen it before. No worries.

You guys are great. I feel so happy to be friends with such a wonderful couple.