Wednesday, July 26, 2006

June Sex

There are a lot of babies born in March in my family--I can think of four off the top of my head. Anyway, the joke is that we all have June sex. My brother Jess joked that he and his wife should try it--and now they are having a March baby too!! We just found out because he posted it on our family blog (The Clark Family). Anyway, I was so excited for them and then I continued to read and discovered that Jen was sick again. This time she was in the hospital with an IV to keep her hydrated. I am so sad for them. Jess and Jen let me stay with them when Mike was gone for a few months in case I got sick so I could have some help. On the day I did throw up all day, Jen watched Will for me all day. Then I got better the next day and Jen talked about how it gave her hope that she maybe wouldn't be sick every time. I wish she wasn't sick. I wish I could be there and take care of her kids like she took care of us. So sad. Sometimes I feel guilty knowing that I am so lucky not to be sick this time around and I wish Jen could have it the same. I remember thinking I couldn't possibly do it again if I had to be sick like I was and had another baby that cried like Will did (we will see about this part in a few weeks). To all of the girls that have never been sick while pregnant, thank your lucky stars. I know I am this time. It is so devestating to be so excited about having a baby and feel so completely awful. It truly puts everything in perspective. I am making a commitment to not complain about my aches and pains anymore.