Monday, June 19, 2006

The Man's Domain

We thought we should include a picutre of Mike's favorite spot in the house--the garage. He has made his own workshop and spends whatever time he can in the garage making and fixing things. This weekend we finally attached the legs to the cradle we made for Will. Now we just need to stain them for when Isaac comes along. I'm really proud of Mike for being able to do the stuff he does with all his tools and wood. He had never done anything like it before but has bought some DVD's on woodworking and table saws, etc. to teach him how and he has practiced on little projects. I am excited to see all the things he will make us in the future.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I am so pleased that you can do these things like your picture shows. I am very happy that you have the tools. Even though you must have needed the money in other areas when you bought the stuff, it was such an incredible opportunity. I miss the stuff not being here!

Given a little time and some more investment you will be right up there with the best. Keep learning and check around with people in the area that do such stuff. You will see some good things, and perhaps some fun ways of doing things.

Dad Clark

Tim, Katie, and Marcus said...

Glad to see that the cradle is done in time for baby Isaac. :) Did Matt ever finish his?

Mike and Adrianne said...

Katie, Matt did finish his cradle. I'm just glad Isaac will be in a bed this time instead of in a drawer like Will was for a little time. It is so nice to have it rock this time too.

Dad, I have already met a few people that know how to do stuff and they have given me some good advice. Next thing I need is wood.