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Hitachi Seaside Park

I've thought a lot about my last post and my feelings about Mike not getting the job.  As I said, getting the job was unlikely and both outcomes held an equally long list of positives and negatives.  I think our reasons for wanting to stay in large part center around the kids.  I am enjoying the experiences I have had here and the people I've met but like I said, it's stretched me in so many ways.  For the kids, they really like it here.  They are really happy at school and at church.  They just got jobs as bus monitors and enjoy the various clubs and classes they can take.  While homeschool was the right choice for us for the six years we did it, this is the right choice for them now.  I don't want to move them from a situation that they are comfortable and happy with.  I think I assumed that if we moved they would make more friends and have other experiences (like getting a drivers license) that would make up for some of the things they were leaving behind.  They are

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