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 We finally got our orders!  Tokyo!  We were kind of in shock when we saw where they were assigning us.  Apparently, they assigned us way back in mid-November but didn't bother to tell us until January 27th.  Why did they make us wait so long?!   My thoughts a move to Tokyo are complicated and mixed.  When we knew that Tokyo was an option to put down, we hung up a big piece of butcher paper and put pros and cons down for an overseas assignment compared to staying in the states.  We asked the kids to take the week to add to the list as well so we could see what they were thinking and hoping for.  It was a pretty full, big list on both the pros and cons side.  Around the same time, we got a call from the Academy, asking if we wanted a position there.  We decided that we would put England, Germany, and Tokyo down as first choices but if the Colorado Springs position came to fuition, that is what we would choose (it is a job that Mike prefers and would provide stability for a potential

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