Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Thanksgiving this year was great!  I'm sad I didn't get more pictures.  Two of my brothers came with their families this year.  Dave came from D.C., though he was actually in the middle of a huge move across country to L.A.  Lance came from Atlanta.  The kids were all a dream.  The babies were giving their mommas some trouble with sleeping but they were in a completely new environment and I didn't have to deal with it so it was easy for me.  ;)  The kids played and played and we hardly even interacted with them because they were just off playing together the entire time.  I loved watching them play all day.

I really wanted to make Thanksgiving a good experience for my brothers and their families.  For one, I have moved so many times and I know how stressful it is and I just wanted to have our house be a good rest from all the stress of moving.  For my brother Lance, I know how stressed he and his wife are with his new job and the crazy hours he has to work along with all the other demands on their time right now and I just wanted them to feel relaxed and happy to be away from all the stresses back home.  I am not sure that I pulled that off for them but I felt like the visit went well.  We played, we ate, we talked, and we laughed.

Dave and his family came on Tuesday.  We went out for ice cream and picked up some last minute things for Thanksgiving day.  On Wednesday Lance and Nancy came and I had scheduled a babysitter to come and watch all the kids except for the babies.  We went to this Mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere but it was good and we had such a great time just chatting and laughing.

Thursday was actually really relaxed.  I had made two of the dishes the day before, bought Turkey breasts instead of a whole turkey, and boiled eggs for deviled eggs the night before as well.  Tana made the deviled eggs and Dave made two pumpkin pies.  They were delicious.  We had a family from the ward come as well as our friend Laurie and they each brought some food as well so everything was super easy for me.  Dave kept asking me what I needed help with and there wasn't really anything for him to do!  I only got one picture from the dinner and that was the fruit snack we made for the kids before dinner.  Dave and Mike helped clean up the kitchen (I used paper products so it was fast and easy) and Lance put all the chairs and tables away.  We walked to the park after dinner and let the kids play and then came home and had pie and played a card game.

Friday Dave and Tana left early in the morning to head on their way to L.A.  It was sad to say goodbye to them.  I loved having them so close to us.  Dave has always been so good about making a point to see us whenever we are near and it means a lot to me.  I'll miss him and Tana and their adorable girls.  Plus, Piper was finally old enough to really play with them so it's sad that they are on the other side of the country from us now.  The rest of the day was pretty chill.  That night we roasted marshmallows and then sent all the kids to bed except Will and played Settlers of Catan.  It lasted forever!

The next morning, Saturday, Lance snuck out to get gas in the car before they left and while gone he picked up a fresh wreath for our door.  He didn't say anything about it and put it on the door and we didn't even notice it until later that night!  We were so sad to see his family leave.

I love my family so much and love the chances I get to see any of my family.  I was really touched by the wreath Lance and Nancy left on my door.  After my post about Mike's new calling and all the stress right now with everything I've really been trying to have a positive attitude and look purposefully for the Lord's hand in my life.  I've been really amazed at the way He has showed me He cares about me.  I really wanted a wreath for my front door and Lance and Nancy answered that desire and it was such a fun surprise--they were sneaky little elves!  I'm reminded that often the Lord takes care of us through others and I really appreciated the act of love Lance and Nancy showed me.

So, Thanksgiving week was great and left me with so much to be thankful for, family in particular!

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LanceandNance said...

Love you sis. Thanksgiving was great. It really was nice to get away from it all.