Monday, December 09, 2013

Three more activities

I have been behind on posting about our activities.  On Saturday we read the book Three Trees.  I don't know that it's really a Christmas book necessarily but it's about three trees that have great aspirations who are disappointed at being cut down and used for things they things at first are mundane and unimportant.  But then they realize the importance of their jobs (the manger, the boat Christ sailed in, the cross) and are more than satisfied with what they become.  We read this book to go along with our activity of giving Christ gifts.  We got out our little box from last year and opened it up to read what gifts we gave last year and then we wrote down gifts we would give Him this year.  Both Mike and I were disappointed to see that the gifts we gave we didn't actually do very well at giving so we both put our gifts from last year back in to hopefully do better at this year.

Sunday we read Once there was a Christmas Tree about a bunch of neighbors sharing their tree with each other.  For our activity we took Laila's tree to her.  There is still lots of snow on the ground so the first thing the boys did when they got out of the van was to lay on the ground and make snow angels.  It seemed appropriate to me to make a snow angel at Laila's grave.  We said that they were angels for our baby angel.  On Sunday Mike couldn't find all the tree ornaments but I found them the next day so Eli and Piper and I made another trip to the cemetery to decorate her tree.

One of the snow angels was still there from our visit on Sunday

Eli chased the geese

Piper ate the snow

Tonight we read Song of the Stars about all the creations singing at the birth of the Savior.  For our activity we went caroling.  We only went to two houses--it's a school night and Mike has lots of grading to do--but it was fun to go sing Christmas songs together as a family.  I haven't been caroling for a long, long time.

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