Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sleeping in the the tent

 I told the boys they could camp outside if they wanted to and they were ecstatic.  Last summer they wanted to sleep on the trampoline but only lasted a few hours.  Both Isaac and Will ended up ditching Eli and I didn't feel comfortable leaving him outside by himself so I made him come in too.  He was pretty upset his brothers left him.  This year I thought it would go better.  Mike set up the tent and even agreed to sleep outside with them.  We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner and then before bed got out the s'mores stuff.

 When bedtime came around they were so excited to be outside that they just kept giggling and sneaking out of the tent to jump on the trampoline.  At 10:30 Isaac and Will had finally fallen asleep but Eli was still getting out of bed and coming in the house.  He just started crying about the smallest things and finally said that he couldn't fall asleep and it was too cramped in the tent.  Mike told him he would change and come out to sleep with him on the trampoline.  As soon as he got out it started sprinkling just slightly but not enough to convince them to come inside.  By 3:30 I woke up to the doors opening and closing and toilets flushing.  I thought perhaps they all had to go to the bathroom at the same time so I got up to see how it was going for everyone.  When I walked into the hallway I heard Eli and Isaac in their bedroom and went to see what they were doing.  They told me they were done outside.  Isaac was slightly disappointed because he was sleeping well but the others were cold, uncomfortable, and ready to be in their own beds.  So, another unsuccessful sleeping outside experience.  But at least they had fun until they had to sleep.  We will try again next year but honestly, I think I should just admit that we are not a camping family--and that is ok.

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The Duke said...

Now that's a funny story that you will be able to re-tell many times over.