Thursday, May 01, 2014

Best Birthday Present Ever

I'm 34.  The last few years I keep thinking I am one year older than I am.  I was relieved to discover I was just 34.  I just feel old.  My thirties have not been super easy on me.  That said, my thirties have provided me with a lot of growth and happiness as well.  So, I guess it all equals out.  I like where I'm at and I wouldn't want to be in my twenties again.  My twenties were good, but I like to look back and see the growth and see that I'm still moving forward.  I (think) I'm a much better person at 34 than I was at 24.  I started using wrinkle cream though.  I have a lot of wrinkles and even more grey hairs.  The cream burnt my face and I felt like I couldn't smile for days.  Then my skin got all flaky and I wondered if using wrinkle cream was worth it.  I guess as long as they are smile wrinkles I can just accept them.  

My birthday was great.  It was pretty much like any other day but better!  I woke up at 6:30 so I could shower before all the kids were up.  Mike heard the boys in the hall and he went to go see them before he left for work.  Upon opening the door we discovered they had gotten up early and hung streamers outside my door.  While I showered they got Piper out of bed when she woke up and I came downstairs to find her set up in her seat at the table with a bowl of cereal (milk and all).  She was happy as can be.  They presented me with adorable cards they made.  I got them all to school and Grace and Piper and I hung out.  (Grace is my friend's daughter that I watch on Wed. mornings).  Grace wanted her finger nails painted so I painted her and Piper's fingers and then we bundled up and went for a walk with the wagon.  It had snowed the night before and was pretty darn cold.  But we had fun anyway.  After Grace got picked up by her mom I drove Piper to the doctor for her 15 month shots.  She is actually 17 months but we are slow at getting her in--that happens when you have five.  She is tiny, 20 lbs exactly and in the 40th percentile for height.  She did not love her shots.  It was very sad.

After the doctor's I picked up Eli from school and took him to piano.  After piano we came home and Piper napped and I tried to get some laundry done.  Then we picked up the other boys from school.  Mike came home early and he offered to make dinner but I asked him just to watch Piper while I made dinner.  After dinner I put Piper to bed and Mike and I jumped (I don't really jump with my knee, more like bounce) with the boys on the trampoline and played an alphabet game with them.  We ended the night with presents and cake.  I was spoiled and had two friends bring me cakes.  It was so sweet and they were delicious.  Mike had made me a turtle cheesecake as well so we had a plethera of sweets to celebrate with.  The boys and Mike got me a hotsauce sampler and perfume. 

It was a wonderful day and I felt spoiled by my kids, Mike and my amazing friends.  
The very best present came a few days before my birthday, though.  My friend Bre VanDenBerghe is a painter and she worked on this painting for months.  Trying to write my feelings about it on here is pointless because I can't really say how I feel about it.  It is such a treasured gift.  Part of what makes it mean so much is that Bre majored in art at BYU but her last year (semester?) something happened to her hand and her hand began hurting every time she would paint.  She quit painting because it was just too painful.  This painting was the first painting she did since her hand began hurting.  It was a huge sacrifice and I feel her love in every stroke.  She talked to me about the painting throughout the process.  The first time she told me about it I was speechless.  I couldn't believe anyone would do something like this for me.  The thought she put into it is so touching.  I love that she added Diamond after she found out he died. I love that she placed the boys around me and that she had Mike giving me a blessing.  I love that she included Christ holding Laila.  I love the names of my ancestors included, our ministering angels.  There is so much personal symbolism to this painting.  It describes in one look what I love and treasure.  

I love that Mike holds the priesthood and that I can go to him for blessings.  I receive guidance and direction from him.  He is my partner and my best friend.  I love that he follows the Lord and that we are partners in teaching our children.  I love that Christ is behind him, guiding his words.  I love that I have a personal relationship with him.  I love that Piper is in His care.  I love that my boys see Mike and me participate in spiritual things.  I love that they see their father use the priesthood and that they get to be blessed by that priesthood as well.  And I love that my family surrounds me.  This is what I want for my family. 

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Papa Doc said...

I can't wait to see that painting in real time so I can read all the ancestors and really feast. It is an incredible, one-of-a-kind gift.
(This is Mom, not Dad)